About Us

About Us

Remember the logistical nightmare you faced the last you tried to throw your friend a surprise birthday party? Are you tired of wasting precious time every weekend trying to coordinate with all your friends to meet at a single place?

Party Planning on the Go!

With our unique invitation maker app, Map My Meet, you can easily invite multiple people for any kind of meet up or event through your tablet or smartphone. Our invitation app allows you to conveniently reach out to a group of people, providing them all the details they need regarding the date and time of the event, the venue and even how to get there. With a free GPS app for android none of your guests will lose their way! What’s more? Your group can also track each other for better co-ordination!

Get Recommendations!

Whether you want send out an e-invite for a birthday or a casual work gathering, our party invitation app is the one to rely on. With recommendations on nearby coffee shops, restaurants, malls and hotels choosing an appropriate venue is no longer something you will have to stress over!

Why Use Map My Meet

Our invitation making app has been developed by a team of highly experienced mobile application developers who also have a keen sense of today’s consumer needs. With an aim to bridge a need gap, this application offers a range of easy to use features that make party or event planning a breeze.

Download this application on the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store today!