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Date : June 6, 2016 Posted By :

You can now hit the road with the help of the voice guided navigation app which automatically checks your route for bad weather! With inRoute, you can easily plan optimal routes between a lot of locations, also chart your personal course based on the elevation, curviness, weather, daylight and more, and also safely navigate by […]

Date : May 20, 2016 Posted By :

Are you planning to have a party? Perhaps, you want to set up a special event to promote a business or to simply gather your old friends? Unlike before, you won’t have to go through the hassle of printing hundreds of invitation or pay for a bulletin board posting. Nowadays, you can simply set an […]

Date : April 4, 2016 Posted By :

One of the greatest inventions in recent decades is the Global Positioning System (GPS). This simple tool ensures that no one ever has to get lost again whether they are in their hometown or visiting a major city and they don’t know the layout of the streets. It can be attached to your vehicle as […]

Date : March 7, 2016 Posted By :

The mobile apps of today help people find directions to where they want to go. Many ask, “show me directions to home” after they’ve been at a venue. When traveling abroad or to unknown places, you can mark your “home” or “hotel” for a future dated event. So when you open that event, you can […]

Date : February 22, 2016 Posted By :

The integration of social networking and technology has encouraged revolutionary changes that affect how friends, co-workers and business associates create invitations to events. Social media started off as a way to connect with friends from the past or across long distances so that everyone could stay in touch through updates and exchanging current pictures. Later, other functions were added but now there is an application dedicated solely to promoting social interaction through meeting invites and directions.

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